About RIVcash
RIVcash, the affiliate program for webmasters promoting RIVCams community, the best known community of webcammers in US. All our members are real people who like to videochat to meet new guys and girls.


We have developed several promotional tools to satisfy the most skilled webmasters but also to enable beginners to promote RIV and partner sites without specific technical know-how.
Classic Banners
We have developed a series of classic banners in GIF and Flash with messages that focus on attracting the attention of your visitors. Just choose the banner desired and the link code will be generated automatically.
Live Feeds
You asked for them, we developed them! Few other tools convert like Live Feeds. Choose the one you like, get the code and start earning!
Model Personal Chat Room
This promotion tool allows you to create a custom banner in colors. It is an intriguing tool that will capture the attention of your users.
This promotional tool creates a pop-up window that directly shows the home page of the promoted site, generating curiosity and always giving excellent results in terms of conversion.
Text Link
With the "Text Link" tool you can create text links to use as you see fit, to be inserted on your site, to be used as a signature in the forums or in your emails.
RSS Feed
RSS Feed allows you to enter information on girls directly on your site, automatically updated. Which girls are online, the latest members, live shows, etc.
Slidebox is nothing more than a promotional window that appears on the screen with the profile of a given girl. It is definitely a tool that attracts the user's attention and entices them to click it.
A window of Videochat, popup or popunder according to your preferences, which opens as soon as the user clicks on any link within the page. You can choose to always show it by entering the code on each page or show it only once per individual user.
Custom Thumbnail HTML Banner
The Custom Thumbnail HTML Banner tool gives you the possibility, thanks to several selectable options, to create a dynamic promotional banner with images of our models, customizable both graphically and in content. By clicking on an image, the user will be directly referred to the girl's profile page. By selecting the Online girls only option: the banner will be given priority to the girls currently available on the site.
Site Builder - White label sites
The webmaster's workshop is where you can create your own white label site. Choose the template you like most and you can determine the configuration, colors, add your logo and change many other features. The user that visits your site will not notice anything out of the ordinary.